Chris Was Poisoned by the US Government

the US Government is still Allowing Mercury poisoning. they target minorities, military members & the disabled.

Take Action. End This Crime Against Humanity

Day 14

Ban Mercury in Dentistry

He was crippled at the hands of the US Government. Now the US Government is allowing a foreign bank to steal their family home.

Every American Should Be Outraged!

The emotional toll of fighting against 2 banks trying to steal His home and 3 acute cases of mercury poisoning while raising His child has brought Him to His knees!

He was forced to resign from a 12-year battle that began with CitiMortgage

and It ended with an obscure bank in South Florida that refused to help

Desjardins Bank May have stolen their home, but Chris will not stand for another person being mercury poisoned.

Click on the take action triangle. it Only takes one politician to care to end this crime against humanity!

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