My name is Chris Scarano. I am a health activist, small business owner and a single father to the best thing ever to happen to me. The rest of the story is not so pleasant. In 2009 I was crippled with mercury poisoning. My brain has never been the same.

Watch how mercury destroys the brain:

My Story

I’ve been suffering from the chronic effects of mercury poisoning ever since our family dentist put mercury into my mouth

Watch what happens when you brush your teeth:


Since my world crashed, I’ve been living in a fog

Mercury poisoning stole a decade of my life

Gastrointestinal problems, Nervous system problems, Fever, Chills, Fatigue, Headache, Insomnia, Loss of libido, Depression, Numbness, Tingling in hands, Irritability, Tremors, Learning difficulties, Irregular heartbeats, Chest pains, Sore & bleeding gums, Immune suppression, Infertility, Anxiety, A sensitive tongue, Dizziness, Cataracts, Memory loss, Paralysis, Seizures, Vision loss, Hearing loss, Chronic constipation, Skin lesions, Poor coordination, Slurred speech, Difficulty writing or typing, Brain fog, Loss of interest in life, Reduced capacity for work, Vertigo, Pain in the lower jaw, Joint pains, Lower back pain, Muscle weakness, Lack of concentration, Nausea, Loose teeth, Ulcers on lips or cheeks, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Loss of appetite, Loss of ability to smell, Twitching of eyelids, Knee jerks, Perspiration & blushing, Personality changes, Shyness, Difficulty breathing, Loss of temper, Rage, Indecisiveness, Withdrawn behavior, Manic behavior, Obsessive-compulsive behavior, Hallucinations, Delusions, Lowered intelligence, Repetitive thinking, Fearfulness, Melancholy feelings, Feelings of hopelessness, Dry, itchy, & flaky skin, Thinning hair, Asthma, Color blindness, Excessive salivation, Unusually bad breath, Puffiness of the face, Puffiness of the legs, Excessive urination, Weight loss, Sinus pain, Inability to metabolize alcohol, Sensitivity to chemicals, Weakness in upper arms, Inability to focus eyes, Deterioration of iris, Loss of depth perception, Burning sensation in eyes.

With a new handicap, I focused on devoting that decade of confusion to raising my daughter. Her innocence and unconditional love saved me at a time when nobody understood what I was suffering from. She didn't ask to come into this world therefore she did not deserve to be affected by my struggles. I worked hard to be a stable father in her eyes and gave her my full attention. To this day, my brain feels just as numb as it did after the poisoning.


Want to learn more?

Everybody except the US Government knows that mercury does not belong in the body. Take action to ban mercury in dentistry!

Not a single allopathic or alternative doctor I could find had the knowledge to help me diagnose or heal my body after pathogenesis set in. Thanks to obsessive research and some selfless people, I learned about some incredible products and treatments that the US Government does not want you to know about.

I immersed myself in medical books from the late 1700s through the early 1900s. Solutions were readily available back then until the American Medical Association destroyed our healthcare system.

There is a little-known department in the White House called the Office of Management and Budget or OMB. This is where health comes second to business. A reawakening to preserve our health freedoms is occurring.
I challenge whistleblowers to rise up and expose the crimes being committed against us.
Every single person with dark fillings in their mouth is suffering from chronic mercury poisoning.
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